ARBA Digital Library

American Rabbit Breeders Association


The American Rabbit Breeders Association serves to promote the domestic rabbit and cavy fancy as well as all facets of the industry including commercial and scientific research facilities.

Its organizational roots can be traced back over 100 years when, in 1910, the National Pet Stock Association came into being in response to the skyrocketing popularity of the Belgian Hare (actually a domestic rabbit, not a true hare), that had come on the scene around 1890.

The ARBA's Hall of Fame Library is the largest single collection of rabbit and cavy publications in the world. The collection includes over 9,000 print volumes and historical items, and continues to increase in size through donations and contributions.

The purpose of the library is threefold:

  • to honor men and women who have distinguished themselves in supporting and promoting the industry in the United States
  • to document the history of rabbit and cavy breeding
  • to collect and provide access to information on rabbits and cavies

This site was created as an open door for the world to see just a few of the fascinating historical publications contained in the collection.

For more information on the Association itself, and to find out how you can be involved, please see the ARBA website!